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What's New PowerCad-M

Version 1.5 April 2018: Update

Version 1.4 Nov 2017: Update

  • Added function that increases cable length by a set percentage for export to PowerCad-5
  • Added function that allows user to select an electrical component within Revit then find it on the Electrical Distribution Network Browser
  • Fixed trial licensing bug

Version 1.3 Oct 2017: Major Upgrade

  • New Electrical Equipment Summary module allows you to check all the electrical equipment in the model to ensure it has the correct data to allow connection to the electrical system
  • Tee-off Box's , Energy Meters and Split Bus can now be modeled with the addition of 2 parameters to the Panelboard family then exported to Excel, a drafting view or PowerCad-5. Refer to our help guide for modeling this equipment.
  • Sub circuit loads can now be exported to Excel and PowerCad-5
  • Panel naming function now includes the level that the panel is placed on.
  • Electrical loads are categorised into load groups to AS/NZS 3000 for export to PowerCad-5
  • Panel schedules can now be created or opened from the Electrical Distribution Network Browser
  • PowerCad-5 export can be saved to a file and then opened into PowerCad-5


Version 1.2 24 May 2016 :

  • Final sub circuit load added to panel fly over
  • Load Excel on export option
  • Voltage drop added to SLD
  • Error message added when trying to connect panels that cannot be connected due to project phasing
  • Drafting view family simplified; PowerCad export updated


Version 1.1 13 May 2016 :

  • Updated to support Revit 2017


Version 1.0 26 April 2016  :

  • First release of PowerCad-M